About Us

Wild Side Sports, based in Bandon, West Cork is run by my husband and me (Laurie).

We opened the shop in April 2011. Prior to that Philip was an Accountant in KPMG and I worked in a Marketing Agency. Neither of us really loved what we were doing so we said "what the heck...let's open something" and that's where Wild Side Sports came from!

In our spare time we like to make the most of what West Cork has to offer and to get some use out of the heaps of free stuff our suppliers give us (hint hint suppliers - give us free stuff).

We both love to kayak, Philip surfs (I don't.....too chicken), we hike, we travel when we can and now we run and cycle too thanks to our training for the South Coast Adventure Race which we participated in recently.

Despite all these nice hobbies you can still see what Philip's favourite thing is and it ain't me!