• What size Wetsuit? Sizing charts and tips from our top brands.
  • Laurie Hurley

What size Wetsuit? Sizing charts and tips from our top brands.

If you want to buy a wetsuit from us but can’t make it into the shop don’t fret, you can buy online! But….getting the size right is important. Ideally you’ll call into us so we can help you with the fitting but if that’s not possible you’ll have to whip out the measuring tape!

Before we begin here’s some points on what you are looking for.


  • The suit needs to feel like a second skin – snug!!! However, if you feel like you can’t breathe you need a bigger size.
  • Fancier, stretchier suits will feel more comfortable as they are made out of higher grade neoprene but they are more expensive.
  • If the wetsuit is too loose water will flow in and out instead of becoming trapped and heating up – which is how they keep you warm. So watch out for loose areas.
  • For a correct wetsuit fit, wrists, ankles and neck should be tights. This is an area where water can easily seep in so these should not have gaps.
  • The fit should not be too baggy in the underarm or leg area.
  • Some bagginess at the small of the back is normal.
  • If you are between sizes we suggest trying the next largest size.
  • If your kids are struggling putting on their suit get small plastic sandwich bags and put them on their feet – they’ll slide in no bother and your life will be a lot easier!


Firstly, how do you measure your body?

How to measure your body

Now…Size Charts!

TWF Suits:

For Kid’s TWF sizes you need to measure two things:

  1. Neck to crotch 
  2. Chest


These are more straightforward  – see below:


Alder Suits

Alder Size Guide

Billabong Junior Suits

Billabong Junior Suits Size Guide

Billabong Men's Size Chart

Billabong Men's Size Chart

Billabong Women's Size Chart (these are US sizes - add 4 for UK e.g. 2US=4UK, 8US=12UK)

Women's Billabong Size Chart

Quiksilver Suits (not all suits are made in all sizes)

Quiksilver Sizing Chart Wetsuit

Roxy Women's Wetsuits (not all wetsuits are available in all sizes).

Note these are UK sizes.

Roxy Women's Wetsuit Chart

Xcel Wetsuits

Xcel have a very good sizing document you should refer to on their website.

That's it folks! Any questions just give us a shout!




  • Laurie Hurley