• Day 3 Camino de Santiago - Estella to Torres del Rio - 32km
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Day 3 Camino de Santiago - Estella to Torres del Rio - 32km

Longest day of our trip, about 32km but we were pretty excited about the wine fountain “Fuente del Vino” at the Monastery of Nuestra Senora la Real de Irache. Yup, free wine fountain! Granted it was 9am when we reached it so we weren't too psyched about drinking wine at that time but we gave it a go...we're good like that (and yes that is a bottle in my hand that we filled up for a tipple later!).

Bodega Irache Wine fountain We walked on to Azquata which is a lovely hill-top village. Had some brekkie there, standard fair of Tortilla, bread and coffee...perfect.  

Azquata breakfast

It's a long haul from Azquata to Los Arcos, a lot of the guidebooks say there is nowhere to get water or food on this stretch but when we were there an entrepreneuring person had set up a little cart about halfway through this 10km stretch.  This section is nice and flat, surrounded by pretty countryside. 

Los Arcos was our lunch-stop. It seems like a nice town so if you didn't fancy a 32km day you could easily stop here for the day and I think most people do.  Our reason for driving on to Torres del Rio was the hostel we had booked had a pool and we were dying for a dip!

After lunch, we walked on to Torres del Rio. The miles got eaten up as we chatted to a nice couple from San Francisco (she had written a book about a maid of Emily Dickenson who was from Tipperary, so she'd visited Ireland before..interesting!) and before we knew it we had reached Torres del Rio. We were staying in Hostal Rural San Andres and I'd highly recommend it. The village itself is tiny but lovely, a handful of Hostals all of which also serve dinner. 

The rooms in the Hostal are lovely but we immediately headed for the pool and had a dip - fab. Met two lovely guys from Germany who we joined for dinner and whom proved to be excellent company. 

Gear note: Shoe wise Phil and I both wore Columbia Conspiracy Outdry Hiking Shoes. They are nice and light. I got the odd blister but Phil was fine, I'm prone to blisters anyway so I can't blame it on the shoes, more likely my wimpy feet were the cause.

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