• Day 4 Camino de Santiago - Torres del Rio to Logrono - 20km
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Day 4 Camino de Santiago - Torres del Rio to Logrono - 20km

Had a bit of a sore head after our night with the two Germans in Torres del Rio so we were a little slow getting started today. Last night there was plenty of talk about meeting on the Calle de Laurel in Logrono for tapas/pintos tonight but at this stage I didn't feel I could face another glass of wine for a couple of days. After a couple of km walking we began to feel a little brighter. See...feeling pretty positive here!

Wasn't a long day so we took our time, stopping to take lots of photos.

Torres del Rio to Logrono

You can see in the pics the weather had started to get overcast, it was still warm enough for shorts and t-shirts but no sun. To be honest, I'm not great in the heat so I was happy with this. 

Today we walked through Viana which had another pretty amazing Church. Stopped here for some sight-seeing and coffee. 

After Viana I had to attend to my blisters....damn you soft feet! I always get them, but a couple of compeeds and, on a bad day, a paracetemol and you're feeling good before you know it. Next year though I am definitely going to spend some time toughening up my feet before I go - barefoot for the summer, that should go down well with customers in the shop....

 As you walk on from Viana you are in the Rioja yummy! You cross over a big highway and spend a couple of kms near this road.

Phil on the way into Logrono

Logrono is a biggish city. About 150k people live here. The Camino enters the main part of Logrono over the impressive “Bridge of Stone".

Here you go, here's us blocking the view of the bridge. 

Bridge of Stone entering Logrono

 We were staying in a hostal just over the bridge and up a couple of streets. It was called Check in Rioja. We got a double room (shared bathroom) for €40 which was good value. It was clean and bright and perfect for our needs.

We then headed off to explore Logrono which is a really nice city. Sat in a little square outside the Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Redonda, got joined by a fella who seemed a little worse for wear from a lifetime of drug abuse, he had very little English and our Spanish is poor but he was keen to chat....and chat....and chat. He tried talking soccer to Phil, but Phil's more of a rugby man but they persevered.  Cut to an hour later and the owner of the cafe was not happy about his hapless guest so we moseyed on. Poor guy, didn't seem to have had much luck in life. 

We had a lovely evening wandering around Logrono enjoying tapas on the Calle de Laurel. Kept an eye out for the German lads but no sign so a heavy thunderstorm sent us scuttling for our beds at 11pm.


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