• Five Fab Father's Day Gifts for the Off Grid Man
  • Laurie Hurley

Five Fab Father's Day Gifts for the Off Grid Man

Does the Dad/Husband/Man in your life dream of heading out into the hills away from mankind for days on end? Does he eye up machetes and fancy himself as a bit of Robinson Crusoe? If you answered yes, then these five products could be right up his street!


A simple, robust lantern in a classic stainless steel design. The Mimer Lantern provides quiet, soot-free, adjustable light up to the equivalent of 120 W and heats well in tents, boats, and other cold areas. Mimer Lantern is available with piezo ignition. 


A colourful outdoor knife with Swedish FireSteel® fire starter. The Swedish FireKnife is a collaboration between Light My Fire and Mora of Sweden - Mora has made top-notch knives for 120 years.

But this is more than just an extremely sharp, flexible and sturdy all-around knife: the handle contains a fire starter. In other words, you can gut and clean a fish, split kindling and light a campfire with one single handy tool. 


The BPA-free water bottle has a build-in LifeStraw® and will filter up to 4,000 liters of contaminated water. The advanced 2-stage water filter is extremely robust and comes with a special carbon capsule. The first stage of filtration features a replaceable hollow fiber membrane which filters to 0.2 microns and removes almost 100% of waterborne bacteria and waterborne protozoan parasites. Afterward, the second stage of filtration puts water through a replaceable activated carbon capsule, which reduces organic chemical matter (pesticides, herbicides, VOCs).

4. TITAN KETTLE - €67.50

€67.50 for a kettle....what????  But this bad boy weighs practically nothing - 118g!

Versatile enough to be a pot, mug or bowl, this ultralight titanium kettle holds .85 litres of liquid and comes with a tight-fitting lid and drip-free spout for smooth, easy pouring. Team with Titan Tool Spoon or MSR® Folding Utensils (sold separately) for a bare-minimum "solo" cookware kit.



Nothing ruins a camping trip more than when the midgies attack at the end of an evening when you're gathered around the fireplace. 

This brand new BUFF® Coolnet® UV+ tubular conceived to provide full protection during summer. It combines ultimate sun protection and quick drying with the revolutionary Insect Shield® technology which keeps insects away. Breathable, light and comfortable, it is perfect to enjoy outdoor activities in open-air environments without worrying about the sun or the annoying insects.


If you need anymore ideas pop in to Wild Side Sports where we will be delighted to help steer you in the right direction.

  • Laurie Hurley